EMotorad Desert Eagle and Night Hawk premium e-bikes are now available. The starting price is Rs 4,75,000

EMotorad Desert Eagle and Night Hawk premium e-bikes are now available. The starting price is Rs 4,75,000

The Night Hawk from EMotorad is one of the most premium e-bikes in the country, with some cutting-edge features. Two new e-bikes, the Desert Eagle and Night Hawk, have been formally introduced in India by EMotorad, an e-bike manufacturer based in Pune. These high-end e-bikes come with features like a 150/120mm travel fork, 35mm stanchions, and an X5 derailleur for quicker gear changes, and they have a range of over 100 kilometres per charge.

The EMotorad Desert Eagle has a RockShox Bluto front fork suspension from SRAM and a 250W Bafang mid-drive motor. It sports a throttle-integrated Bafang LCD screen in addition to a 36V 17.5Ah Li-ion frame integrated battery. Additionally, the e-bike incorporates Tektro disc brakes and an EXAForm dropper seat post.

A 250W Bafang mid-drive motor and a 150mm SRAM Rockshox front fork suspension are included with the EMotorad Night Hawk. The 36V 17.5Ah Li-ion battery is built into the aluminium frame of the e-bike, which also includes a frame-integrated 36V 17.5Ah Li-ion battery. Tektro disc brakes and big tyres are included with the e-bike.The Night Hawk is the most expensive e-bike made by EMotorad and retails for Rs 5,00,000. The Desert Eagle costs Rs 4,75,000. In addition to these high-end models, the business debuted the X-Factor line of cheap e-bikes, which have LCD screens, detachable batteries, and derailleurs as an option.

The EMotorad X-Factor comes in three different models: the X1, X2, and X3. Each of these models has a mechanical disc brake setup and an auto cut-off feature for increased security. Peddle help is one of the advantages of these, and the frame is built of sturdy steel. The X-Factor e-bikes have a starting price of Rs 24,999, and they will be sold in India at offline and online retailers all around the nation.The pricing of the less capable EMotorad X1 is Rs 24,99, the X2 is Rs 27,999, and the more capable EMotorad X3 is Rs 32,999. All three varieties will be offered in both online and physical stores across the nation.

In addition to brand-new eBikes, the business also unveiled smart technology that can be incorporated into bicycles and e-bikes and is controlled by a smartphone using the EMotorad app. Amigo, a built-in smart assistant, is included. The intelligent display can display real-time data such as heart rate, distance travelled, speed, and more.

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