Scope of the Electrician Trade

Welcome to the Electrician Trade

Electrician trade under craftsman training scheme (CTS) is one of the most popular trade delivered nationwide through the network of ITIs. This trade is of two year (4 semester) duration.

Scope of the Electrician Trade
Scope of the Electrician Trade

It mainly consists of domain area and core areas. In domain area trade practical and trade theory and core area workshop calculation and science, Engineering drawing and employability skills which imparts soft and life skills. There are two professional classification in electrician trade based on National Code of Occupation (NCO) as :

(i) Electrician general (NCO – 2015 reference is 7411.0100)
(ii) Electrical fitter (NCO – 2015 reference is 7412.0200)

Duties of Electrician – General and Electrical – Fitter

Electrician – General installs, maintains and repairs electrical machinery, equipment and fittings in factories, workshops, power houses, business and residential premises, etc. Studies drawings and other specifications to determine electrical circuit, installation etc. Positions and installs electrical motors, transformers, switchboards, microphones, loud-speakers and other electrical equipment, fittings and lighting fixtures. Makes connections and solder terminals. Tests electrical installations and equipment and locates faults using megger, test lamp etc. Repairs or replaces defective wiring , burnt out fuses and defective parts and keeps fittings and fixtures in working order. may do armature winding, draw wires and cables and do simple cable joining. May operate, attend and maintain electrical motors, pumps etc. NCO – 2015 reference is 7411.0100

Record class of work in which experienced such as factory, power-house, ship etc., whether experienced in electrical repairs or detecting faults, details of experience in electrical equipment such as sound recording apparatus, air purification plant, heating apparatus etc. whether used to working do drawing, whether accustomed to high tension or low tension supply system and if in possession of competency certificate issued under electricity act.

Electrical fitter fits and assembles electrical machinery and equipment such as motors, transformers, generators, switch gears, fans, etc., Studies drawings and wiring diagrams of fittings, wiring and assemblies to be made. Collects prefabricated electrical and mechanical components according to drawing and wiring diagram and checks them with gauges, megger etc. to ensure proper function and accuracy. Fits mechanical components, resistance, insulators, etc. as per specification doing supplementary tooling where necessary. Follows wiring diagrams, makes electrical connections and solder points as specified. Checks for continuity, resistance, circuit shorting, leakage, earthing etc., at each stage of assembly using megger, ammeter, voltmeter and other appliances and ensures stipulated performance of both mechanical and electrical components filled in assembly. Erects various equipment such as bus bars, panel board, electrical post, fuse boxes switch gears, meters, relays etc., using non-conductors, insulating and hoisting equipment as necessary for receipt and distribution of electrical current to feeder lines.

Installs motors, generators, transformers, etc. as per drawing using lifting and hoisting equipment as necessary, does prescribed electrical wirings and connects to supply line. Locates faults in case of breakdown and replaces blown out fuses, burnt coils, switches, conductors, etc. as required. Checks dismantles, repairs and overhauls electrical units periodically or as required according to scheduled procedure.

Test electrical equipment and rewind blown out coils. May specialize in repairs of particular type of electrical appliances and machinery, equipment manufacturing, installation or power house work and be designated accordingly NCO – 2015 reference is 7412.0200

Record nature of work done; if specialized in repairing or assembling any particular item such as generator, motor, transformer, relays switchgear, domestic appliance etc. , experience of working in power-house and distribution centre and if in possession of electrician’s competency certificate.

Key Skills of Electrician

After passing the electrician trade, they are able to
• Read and interpret technical parameter documents, plan and organic work process, identify necessary materials and tools
• Perform tasks with due consideration to safety rules, accident prevention regulation and environment protection.
• Apply professional skill knowledge and employability skills while performing jobs.
• Checking job/assembly as per drawing for functioning, identifying and rectifying errors in job/assembly.
• Document the technical parameters related to the tasks undertaken
• In 2013, semester systems was introduced and the syllabus also revised for semester pattern
• Then in 2014 Sector Mentor Council (SMC) was formed and the syllabus was also re-revised and implemented.

Presently electrician syllabus again revised and sequentially structured by National Skill Qualification Framework NSQF – level 5 and implemented from August 2017.

Carrier Progress Pathways for an Electrician

After passing the electrician trade the trainee can appear in 10+2 examination through National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for acquiring higher secondary certificate and can go further for general Technical education.

• Take admission in diploma course in notified branches of engineering by lateral entry
• Can join the apprenticeship training in different types of industries and obtain National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC)
• Can join Craftsman Instructor Training Scheme (CITS) in the trade to become instructor in ITIs
• Eligible to obtain directly wireman ‘B’ license, which is issued by the Electrical Licensing Board Authorities

Job Opportunities for an Electrician

There are good numbers of job opportunities for an electrician

• Electrician in local electricity boards, railways,Telephone department, airport and other government and semi-government establishments
• Electrician in factories (Public/Private) Install, test and maintain electrical equipment in auditorium and cinema halls
• Assembler of electrical control gears and switches on panel boards at switch gear factories.
• Winder of electrical motors in winding shops
• Electrical appliances repairer in electrical shops.
• Electrician to Install, service and maintain electrical equipment and circuits in hotels, resorts hospitals and flats
• Assembler in the domestic appliances manufacturing factories
• Service technician for domestic appliances in reputed companies.

Self-employment opportunities for an Electrician

• Service centre for repairing electrical switch gear and motors in rural and urban areas.
• Maintenance contractor of wiring installation in hotels/resorts/hospitals/banks etc.
• Manufacturer of sub-assembly for electrical panels
• Contractor for domestic wiring and industrial wiring
• Armature winder of electrical motors
• Repairer of simple electronic of gadgets.
• Service, maintain and repair of domestic appliances
• Dealership/agency for electrical hardware
• With an added training in the specified field can become Audio/Radio/ TV Mechanic

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